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Hair Transplant

Baldness is just a few stages away from the initial hair loss, if not identified and treated in time. However, there are certain cases, in both males and females, wherein no medications and any other hair loss treatments seem to work out, best hair transplant in Kandivali.

• Male pattern hair loss
• Female pattern hair loss
• Hair thinning in females
• Severe loss of hair
• Hair loss from the scalp as a result of medications or surgery

Our observation has been recording a notable rise in the number of these cases, over the recent past. We thus recommend the most reliable hair transplant treatment, to bring back the same old smile on our patient faces!
At AMI Skin & Hair Clinic, we have an accredited team of hair transplant specialists that also includes some of the best trichologists and hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai. The hair transplant is performed at our state-of-the-art facility by AMI’s expert hair transplant doctors.

Why do we recommend FUE hair transplant at AMI Skin & Hair Clinic?
While a majority of potential patients simply wonder if the procedure of hair transplantation is painful, let us first elaborate a little about this painless hair transplant treatment. The follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant is a 6-8 hours surgery that involves local anesthesia, followed by a hassle-free, relaxing hair transplant procedure.

The advantages are unconventional-
• Effective on tight scalps
• Minimally invasive
• Quicker healing
• High success rate

AMI’s internationally trained hair transplantation surgeons, perform these cumbersome procedures, and are always willing to assist and consult you regarding the smallest or the biggest concerns pre- and post-hair transplant surgery.

Exceptionally natural-looking hair..!
Does it leave any marks on the scalp or skin? Absolutely not; it’s a 100% scar-less hair transplant technique!
Does the transplanted hair grow and last? Yes, hair growth continues in the transplanted parts of the scalp, and they do last.
So, when are you booking an appointment for a consultation?

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