Answers To Your Hair Transplant Treatment Qestions
Answers to Your Hair Transplant Treatment Questions, By Dr. Shreyansh Talesra

Answers to Your Hair Transplant Treatment Questions, By Dr. Shreyansh Talesra

Health long hair enhances the persona of an Individual and helps to make the perfect first impression. Dr. Shreyansh Talesra, who did a fellowship In hair transplant surgery from Israel after completing post-graduation in dermatology, talks about the transformational procedure.

Q1: What is a Hair Transplant?

In simple words, healthy hair from the donor dominance area (Kick and side of scalp) is transplanted to the area where a number of hair follicles are less (bald area).

Q2: What are the Techniques Used for Hair Transplantation Treatment? 

There have been major advances in recent years in hair transplant. There are two main types of surgeries performed:

1: FUT Hair Transplant: A strip of skin is removed surgically from the donor area and is divided into tiny parts (grafts) and then implanted to the recipient area.

2: FUE Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be the gold standard. Individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area one by one and are transplanted to the frontal area/recipient site. The donor area relative-ly heals faster and there is no scarring.  As it is minimal Invasive technique, the chances of postoperative complication are less.

Q3: Is Hair Transplantation A Permanent Solution?

Ans: Yes, the transplanted hair does not respond to DHT hormones and they grow naturally as other hair follicles of donor area on the recipient site.

Q4: What is The Success Rate of Hair Transplant?

Ans: Yes, it gives more natural and aesthetically good result than any other restoration method.

Q5: Is There a Suitable Age to Get The  Hair Transplantation? 

It is when your hair loss is non-active and your balding pattern is seen. However, It is not advisable if you’re too young.

Because of the advances in techniques, hair transplant can now be offered as a reasonable option to both male and female patient who is not responsive to or likely to benefit from, medical treatment. It can give you exceptionally natural-looking results.

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